Monday, January 31, 2011

New Team Treasury Challenge for January

The Etsy Treasury Team had a challenge this month - to make a team treasury and at the same time share a little about yourself by the items you choose. It has been great getting to know my teammates better - they have some great stories to tell!Search in the Etsy treasuries under "etteam - getting to know me" to see for yourself!
Here is mine-
1) I almost chose fashion design as a career
2) I now make jewelry and love flowers!
3)I am of Scottish and English origin
4)I have a vintage and bead supply shop here on Etsy and love all things vintage
5)I currently live in Rhode Island and have been here for nearly 17 years.
6)I love my tea!
7)represents my lovely daughter
8)I collect glass of different kinds and green is my favorite color
9)represents my wonderful son
10)represents my business
11)I was born in NYC
12)I like to knit as a hobby
13)I used to be a marine illustrator and love all things ocean
14)I was a punker in my college days
15)I love mermaids and all things mythical
16)my favorite place to be is Maine
thanks for looking!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Green Love

Here is a treasury I made today reflecting my love of all things green- and of course it applies to Valentine’s day too! Anything here would make a great gift for your loved ones.Enjoy!



Country Valentine

I made a new treasury for Valentine’s Day reflecting my love of all things rural and reminding me of the simplicity of the country. Enjoy!